For each camera-ready submission, three items are required on Easychair (

  1. Upload the PDF file of the final version using the CEUR-WS template ( provided for the initial submission. Using this template is mandatory. The emphasizing style has to be used for the title of the manuscripts, e.g:
    Filling an Author Agreement by Autocompletion
    Mary Doe, Peter Müstermann
  2. Upload a zip file containing all the submission file sources (follow the menu link at the top right of the screen “add File”).
  3. Upload the scanned and signed copyright agreement. There are two author agreement variants. Please choose the correct one for your manuscript:
    • AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (NTP): Authors shall use this form if they include no copyrighted third party material in their paper text (or accompanying sources, datasets). This is the right variant in most cases.
    • AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (TP): Authors shall use this form if they did include copyrighted third party material in their paper or accompanying material. They must then also attach a copy of the permission by the third party to use this material in the signed author agreement.

We need only one copyright form per paper.

When filling out the copyright form, please report the name of the contribution as indicated in the original manuscript and on the Easychair interface.

Report the complete list of all the authors, including the corresponding author. Names need to be equal to those reported in the original manuscript and in the same order.

Indicate additional information only for the corresponding author.

The field “Editors of the proceedings” has to filled as follows: Giuseppe Amato, Valentina Bartalesi, Devis Bianchini, Claudio Gennaro, Riccardo Torlone.

Printing the copyright form, *signing it by hand*, and uploading a scan of the signed physical copyright form (pdf) is mandatory. Digital signatures are not allowed.

If you have any questions, please send an email to